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Q: What size do I enlarge my template to make it actual size?
A: For actual size scale your template 2000%.

Q: What is the difference between your product and other template companies?
A: Quality, Accuracy and Detail. Our templates are as accurate as you can get for a two dimensional outline. We strive to make our templates look more like technical drawings from the vehicle manufucturer. You will have to take other dimensions into consideration like fenders, rounded corners, concavities and perspective distortions. These are not eniterly visible in a two dimensional template.

Q: My artist has a MAC but we have a PC. Will these files work on both computers?
A: Yes, These files are saved as EPS files and can open in either platform.

Q: Do you have every vehicle?
A: No. In fact no one has every vehicle. We do have the most popular vehicles that are constantly getting wrapped. We also have some that are not as popular. If you need one that is not in our collection, let us know and we will get it to you in a day or two.

Q: Do you have busses and semi trucks?
A: At this time we do not have templates for Busses or Semi Trucks. Those templates are in the works and will be out shortly.

Q: What is the difference between Art Station Vehicle Templates and Bad Wraps?
A: Art Staion Vehicle Templates are vector based outlines of vehicles. Bad Wraps are photographic (raster) images of vehicles saved in a Photoshop format.

Q: Can we have samples of your templates?
A: Yes. You can download your samples here or from our Purchase Page. You'll get 4 zipped samples of our choosing. We can not send you specific samples.

Q: When I search for an individual template the thumbnail only shows one side. Do the templates have more than one side?
A: Yes. The thumbnalis are only 300 pixels wide. Its just enough room to show one side. What you wil get is all 5 sides of the vehicle you purchase.